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The web proves to Samsung that its assistant Sam is a bad idea

Samsung’s future virtual assistant was mistakenly unveiled on the web. Depicted as a young and slim woman, the character was immediately hijacked to create pornographic content.

We knew Bixby, Samsung’s assistant, we will soon have to deal with Sam, the new mascot of the Korean manufacturer. For a few days, this entirely virtual character supposed to embody the brand and possibly replace Bixby, monopolizes the attention of part of the web.

Everything seems to have started from the Brazilian studio Lightfarm which would have leaked on June 1, 2021 3D renderings of the one that seems destined to become the new virtual avatar of Samsung. The contours of the project and of Sam’s role in Samsung’s communication are blurry, but that hasn’t stopped some Internet users from grabbing the character to parody him… to the point of excess.

Sam, sexualized to the extreme

Hardly any renderings published on the Lightfarm website (they have been removed, but are still visible thanks to the Wayback Machine), Twitter and Reddit have seen a lot of pornographic content flourish around Sam. A beast search for “Samsung Assistant” on Reddit brings out parody images where we see the avatar naked, in the middle of a sexual act or in particularly suggestive positions . The terms “NFSW” and “Rule 34” are plastered on much of the posts that talk about the virtual assistant.

On Twitter, it is not much softer with many drawings of Sam undressing or performing blowjobs. Much of the content posted revolves around the alleged sexuality of Samsung’s virtual assistant, including the term “simp” used many times to mark the almost loving attachment of some Internet users to Sam. But this term (which found success thanks to TikTok) is not neutral and has been widely used by anti-feminist and misogynist communitiess.

“Samsung Porn” explodes on Google

Even on TikTok you can find suggestive content related to Sam. The searches for “Samsung Porn” and “Samsung virtual assistant porn” have exploded on Google at the beginning of June. Lightfarm is also not completely innocent in the phenomenon since it is marked black and white in the presentation of Sam that the character has been reworked to appear ” aesthetically pleasing».

Sam obviously has “ideal” measurements // Source: WebArchive

At a time when Google, like Apple, is trying to de-gen the voices of their artificial intelligences so as not to reinforce harmful gender stereotypes, Samsung is taking the opposite route to create a helpful, attractive assistant with a mischievous little gaze. In short, a sexist cliché.

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