Samsung’s wireless charger costs less than a sandwich on a train

The Samsung Induction Pad (USB-C) is today the most affordable solution to wirelessly recharge your Qi certified device. It costs only 6 euros on Cdiscount, thanks to an immediate discount coupled with a refund offer.

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Nowadays, many products are compatible with induction charging – a technology that allows you to restore all the energy to your smartphone or compatible connected watch without having to connect a wire. It is practical, often reserved for premium devices. But no need to cut a hole in your budget to enjoy it today, thanks to the Samsung wireless charger which drops at only 6 euros on Cdiscount.

To obtain this price, do not forget to fulfill the conditions of the ODR (deferred reimbursement offer) in the amount of 20 euros valid until June 30, 2021.

Samsung’s wireless charger laid flat // Source: Cdiscount.

To better understand the offer

  • Which devices are compatible with the Samsung wireless charger?

It’s simple, all Qi certified devices can use this Samsung Pad. You will then be able to charge your Android smartphone, your iPhone or your compatible connected watch with a power of 5 W. However, the products of the Korean brand have an advantage over others, thanks to the proprietary Fast Charge protocol (available from the Galaxy S7 and up to S21 Ultra) which increases the efficiency of wireless charging up to 10 W.

The induction base has the particularity of being able to recharge your devices even when they are equipped with a protective shell, on the sole condition that it does not exceed 5 mm in thickness. It plugs into USB-C and goes very quickly unnoticed in your home, thanks to its discreet pebble-shaped design. However, you should know that the charger comes without cable, so you will have to use your smartphone’s one to connect it, or buy a new one.

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